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Nutritional Comparison
SuperFit! Protein Muffin Pineapple Coconut
Zone Bars-Dark Chocolate Almond
Balance Bar-Orig Peanut Butter
McDonald's Egg McMuffin
Van's 8 Whole Grain Multigrain waffle
Eanest Eats H&F Cereal
Thomas' 100% WW English Muffin
Average Weight/Size57g55g50g50g137g76g (2 waffles)67g (1 cup)57g (1 muffin)
Saturated Fat20435010
MUFAs/PUFAs.7 poly/.5 mono0000000
Trans Fat0000000
Total Carbs1022222132284523
Dietary Fiber252<14763
primary protein sourceEgg whites, non-fat greek yogurt, whey isolateegg whites, whey proteinsoy protein nuggetssoy, whey, milk, caseinEggs Prepared with Liquid Margarine containing: Liquid Soybean Oil & Hydrogenated Cottonseed & Soybean Oils & Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Canadian Bacongrains, wheatgrainswheat flour, some whey
primary carb sourcewhole grain oats, real pineapplewhole wheat flour, wheat flakes, soy bran, wheat glutensugar, corn syrup, fructose syrupfructose, glucose syrup, sugarEnriched Bleached Flourwhole grains mixgrainswhole wheat flour
Added sugar?NONE!yesyesyesyesyesyesyes
How SuperFit! Protein Muffins are superior-nutritionally speakingSuperFit! Protein Muffins- 1)Fats- quality coconut oil and Whole Grain oats, MUFAs & PUFAs, low sodium and very low sodium, 2) Carbs-Low carbs, low sugar (NO added sugar), no "plumped up fibers", 3) 8 grams of REAL protein from egg whites, non-fat yogurt and premium whey isolateSFPM-less sodium, more potassium, less carbs, 7g less sugar, twice the protein (pure protein sources) - SAME CALORIESSFPM-lower in calories, 10g less sugar (they have more sugar than protein), we have real proteinSFPM-lower in calories, 14g less sugar (they have more sugar than protein), we have real proteinSFPM- compare the sodium alone! Besides, why mess up a perfectly good Egg?SFPM - higher in protein and lower in calories per serving, easy to take on the go, MUCH lower in sodiumSFPM-No added sugar, much lower in sodium , total carbs, and calories per servingSFPM - lower in sodium, no wheat (this product is not organic and contains mulitple wheat sources, not all WW)
Typically PackagedDozen or 1/2 DozBox 4dozen15/box1 muffinbox of 6individual pkg12oz. Package(2=12 muffins)
Price per package$15/dozen, $8 1/25.9915.2515.75$1.993.692.6917.66
Price per item$1.25$1.50$1.27$1.05$1.99$1.23$2.69$1.47